Admission Dates

Fall Semester: September – December
Winter Semester: January – February
Spring Semester: March – June
Summer Semester: July & August

English is a second language

International students in any grade may be placed in appropriate ESL or ELD courses designated according to levels of proficiency in English and literacy development, not by grade.


As a Ministry inspected international private school in Toronto, Ontario, we are based on a student-centered approach and a phenomenal teacher to student ratio. Our teachers are well trained experts who excel both as educators and motivators. Our students are hard-working, ambitious, and university-bound.

Students can receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) after their studies which they can later on use when applying to a university.

As experienced educators, we teach our students how to become responsible for the choices they make, empowering them to gain courage in taking ownership of outcomes. We teach them to ask relevant questions in order to investigate the relevance of their answers. Every step of the way we challenge them while explaining the power behind overcoming that challenge and then marvel together with them in their discovery that they can and will do it.

UMC High School’s greatest asset, however—the one that completes us as professionals and human beings—is our passion for teaching, guiding, and shaping young minds into success stories. This, we believe, is the sacred duty of our calling, the pillar of our profession. It is this passion which compels us to create an exciting and eager-to-learn classroom atmosphere of curiosity and achievement, wherein we can easily motivate and encourage our staff and students to reach their maximum potential.

Successfully integrating people into our multicultural and multi-dimensional society, turning education at UMC into a positive global village experience, is our credo and our very philosophy of education.

We welcome you with open arms and thank you for allowing us to become catalysts of your knowledge and guardians of your future.

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Why UMC High School?

Admissions throughout the year
Intensive schedule to enable students to complete 4-year high school program in 2.5 years
Online courses at
Diverse student clubs and activities involving students to teamwork and self-improvement

Location and Facility:

UMC High School’s Main Campus is located at 288 Cummer Avenue in North York, one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Toronto. The school situated itself within an affluent residential area, ensuring a quiet and safe community to help the students learn.

Since January 2017, UMC High School is extended to the North York Campus at 5075 Yonge St., North York, ON, M2N 7H3, next to North York Centre Station.

Both campuses are only a short 10 minutes bus ride or less than 5 minutes’ walk to the North York Central Library, which is one of the two research and reference libraries in the city, as well as largest full-service library in Toronto. Also, our campuses are conveniently located near popular public facilities such as Mel Lastman Square and North York Civic Centre.


of UMC graduates are accepted to well-known universities and colleges in Canada


High School courses are offered at UMC High School every year


world’s best ranked universities are located in Toronto


Student-teacher ratio

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