Who We Are:

Upper Madison college is a PREMIUM language institution and is one of the top players in ESL field in Canada.

With three campuses in Canada’s most inspiring cities TORONTO and MONTREAL, you can look forward to diverse experiences from urban downtown to historic cultural hubs, from in-class learning to educational field trips.

Our classes are designed to spark conversations and create skills you will later on use in real life. Each program has specific expectations and outcomes that maximize learning even if it’s just for one semester!

We’ve been watching students challenge their limits and do great things since 2004 and we love what we do!

What We Take Pride In:

EAP pathway programs UMC
Interactive & communicative learning
diverse system
Diverse system of levels
and special programs
modern learning
Modern learning strategies

and evolving trends

celebrating diversity
Celebrating diversity

and bringing people  together

personal cous
Personal counselling
years of experience
Years of experience in educating and helping students transfer

What We Offer:

We offer you a unique learning opportunity where learning and acquisition of language skills are the foundation for your confidence and a new life full of potential.

Students will take advantage of a Canadian classroom highlighting tasks and activities that unveil modern learning strategies and reflect constantly evolving trends in education.

We encourage our students to never stop learning, no matter the age, birthplace or spoken language. And once you are here, you will find a dynamic educational environment that our teachers and students create together in our small-sized classes.

And we are looking forward to sharing this all-encompassing experience with you!

Start your journey with UMC team today!

Welcome to Canada! Welcome to UMC!