Love is in the air at UMC as we celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Usually we gift our loved ones with flowers, chocolates, or maybe even jewelry if you’re feeling fancy 😉

val 3
val 9
val 2

At UMC students, staff and teachers showed their appreciation for each other by buying candy-grams and having them delivered straight to classes! There were many blushing faces and even more big smiles!

It’s a great opportunity to treat your teachers, surprise your friends…or propose! Who knows?:p

It was also a great chance to win some prizes! This year we had a photo competition- the winner received a $50 voucher for a Crepe Café on King Street in Downtown Toronto and the runner-up won a voucher worth $25.

This year we had a photo competition – you can check out our students having fun on our Instagram page!

We hope you will be celebrating Valentine’s day with us one day!

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