UMC English Level Test

Welcome to UMC English Level Test!  This level test is designed to determine your current English Level. The following test consists of FOUR SECTIONS: Grammar, Listening, Reading and Writing. You will complete each SEPARATELY. Please DO NOT EXIT the page before completing all the 4 sections. At the end of the test, you will be given a CONFIRMATION MESSAGE. Please save your confirmation page as PDF file, and send it to your agency or to

  • After you submit an answer to a question, you cannot go back to review it.
  • You can only complete this test ONCE.
  • Each question has a time limit and a countdown. Please pay attention to the given time frame.

STEP 1: Fill in Your Personal Information Below

Make sure you fill in your personal information below. We will need this information to process your test and inform you about the result.

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STEP 2: Grammar Level Test

The 35 questions (below) are mostly an examination of English grammar, but also your knowledge of vocabulary. Every question is in a multiple-choice format with 4 possible answers; there is only one correct solution on each occasion.


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STEP 3: Listening Level Test


  • Once the listening test starts, the audio tracks will play AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Please make sure your device has an AUDIO OUTPUT before starting the test.You can only complete this test ONCE.
  • You will hear the recording ONCE. Choose the best answer.
  • Each conversation has one listening track with several questions corresponding to the recording.


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STEP 4: Reading Level Test

  • Read the text and answer the question.


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STEP 5: Writing Level Test


  • Answer the question in the written format.
  • Please kindly be advised that the writing test is very essential for evaluating your English Skills.