Internationally accepted English proficiency test. General and academic IELTS is accepted for studying, immigration and work purposes all over North America, UK and Australia.

At UMC Montreal we offer you the latest techniques in working on your IELTS speaking, writing, listening and reading through practice rounds and intensive drilling.


  • • Practice the test and receive feedback from our experienced instructors
  • • Get your questions answered and ontain the necessary IELTS band score

Skill Breakdown:


Materials: $50
Lessons per week: 28
Level: Higher Intermediate


Tatsuya Yoshidomi (Japan)

IELTS Preparation - 12 weeks

IELTS test has always been very challenging for me.

At the beginning I had almost no knowledge of the exam structure, but I felt my overall English skills were improving as I continued studying harder and harder in the program. That really kept me motivated throughout those 12 weeks.

The teacher was very helpful and he’d always help me not only in class but also during breaks and after school, he’d answer my questions and edit my essays. As a result, I successfully got an IELTS score of 7.0 which I needed for my university admission in Canada!

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