UMC’s ACE program is a bilingual program designed to elevate a student’s level of English to that of their native tongue.

Students are taught to comprehend the differences between English and their native language and then move fluently back and forth between the two languages. Students receive a diploma after completing the program. There are two streams available: English-Korean and English-Japanese.

Program uses current and specialized techniques used by translators such as video and voice-recordings to target each student’s issues.


  • • Get certified in CILISAT at of one UMC locations
  • • Practice moving seamlessly between the two languages using techniques used by interpreters
  • • Hone listening skills through shadowing techniques
  • • Practice fluency through presentations and discussions

Skill Breakdown:

translation korean japanese umc


  • The Cultural Interpreter and Language Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool (CILISAT) and the Interpreter Language and Skills Assessment Tool (ILISAT) are tests that assess the candidate’s ability in consecutive interpretation and sight translation. A certificate by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is given to successful candidates. Upper Madison College is an official test centre for these two tests.

Materials: $50
Level: Higher Intermediate


Seongyo Jeong (Korea)

ACE Korean - 2 months

The ACE-K program was a really great experience for me because it was very experiential. We could visit Canadian court to
study the topic we were then learning on the spot. Our field trip allowed us to see the law in action and it did inspire our interest in the subject. This is definitely an experience I will never forget!

How to apply

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    Reserve your spot by making a payment

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    All done! Book your plane ticket and apply for visa (if needed)

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