The Business English Program takes an experiential learning approach. Students do not only learn English for written and oral business communication but they are also given opportunities to practice this in real life situations through projects and presentation.

Students experience Toronto Business world and apply their professional English skills through tours and weekly field trips to Canadian top companies, interaction with business people and seminars.

After completing 2 semesters of Business English students are eligible to receive a Business English Diploma.


  • • Get certified in Business English
  • • Visit your first job fair with our instructors
  • • Learn how to compile a Canadian resume and prepare yourself for a job interview
  • • Obtain language skills and vocabulary used in the business field

Skill Breakdown:

Business English umc

Materials: $50
Lessons per week: 28
Level: Higher Intermediate

10_Testimonial-Huang Wen Hsuan

Huang Wen Hsuan (Taiwan)

ESL, Business English - 24 weeks

My favorite program at UMC is Business English. During 8 weeks in Business, I had a lot of opportunities to practice my speaking, reading and presentation skills. During the class we discussed international news and issues, dabbled in marketing and business strategy, went on field trips and had group discussions. This really helped me expand my global vision and brush up on my vocabulary. I really enjoyed my life at UMC and my English improved a lot!

Before arriving at UMC I was really nervous  because this was my first time studying and actually  living in a different country for so long. But there was nothing to worry about! I found a lot of friends to hang out with, eat delicious food and study in groups. We studied for all of our assignments and essays together.


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