UMC’s full-time speaking program for the students of all levels is aimed at those who are interested in an intensive speaking ONLY class. EPS is a program developed to provide students with the practical conversation skills to fluently communicate in English.

Through weekly topics taken from everyday and frequent situations, students are given a lot of chance to speak in class and get exposed to authentic material which leads to students hearing, and thereby being able to speak and produce the language.

Following current trends in second language acquisition, special techniques are used to allow students to acquire the language at a faster rate and improve their confidence speaking English.


  • • Intensive speaking course for the students at any starting level
  • • Program uses current and specialized techniques such as video and voice-recordings to target each student’s issues
  • • Each student receives an individual feedback and recommendations from the teacher

Skill Breakdown:

speaking class umc

Materials: $50
Lessons per week: 28
Level: Higher Intermediate

Ms. Saki ENDO (JP)

Saki Endo (Japan)

EPS program - 8 weeks

In EPS I was able to improve my speaking skills through a variety of news articles, movies, and music. The teacher always corrected my pronunciation mistakes, and because of the small sized class, the teacher could pay a lot of attention to each student. Everyone had a chance to learn from each other’s mistakes so we could improve our English observing the rest of the class.

I’m glad to have taken EPS because speaking had been always my weakness but I gained a lot of confidence upon the completion of the program!

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