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Intensive Speaking Only

“In EPS course, I had a lot of opportunities to practice my speaking. I have learned proper grammar, pronunciation and words-selection through my teachers and classmates. Teachers are very detailed in correcting speaking mistakes. I feel that my English-speaking skills were dramatically improved compare to when I started this course.”

Yumi HasebeJapan
Fast-paced and intensive English speaking course
Two levels available to accommodate different language proficiencies.
Weekly topics taken from everyday real-life situations
Daily individual time with teacher
70%/30% student to teacher talk ratio = continuous (fluent) speech practice

Speaking and Listening



Discussion Strategies



Toronto Campus

Entry Level

EPS 1: Placement at Level 5

(Successful Completion of Level 4

EPS 2: Placement at Level 8

(Successful Completion of Level 7)


8 weeks

Start Date

Official Starting Date

Program Options

  • Intensive (28 lessons/week)
  • Super Intensive (32 lessons/week)

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