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Effective Communication in Customer Care

Our Business English For Customer Care (BECC) program not only covers a wide range of topics relevant to business, including effective communication techniques, professional email writing, handling customer inquiries, and resolving complaints, but also integrates practical learning experiences. Through role-playing exercises, field trips to local businesses, and real-life case scenarios, BECC offers a comprehensive training experience tailored to the needs of modern businesses.

By positioning BECC as our new flagship business program, we’re not only enhancing our offerings but also showcasing our commitment to providing practical and impactful language training. The BECC offers the best of both worlds: essential business English skills and invaluable customer care training, reinforced through hands-on learning experiences.

Real-Life Situations
Field Trips
Authentic material and resources
The 5Cs of Customer Service
Effective complaint strategies and policies
Receive a UMC Certificate for completion of English for Customer Care
Problem Solving and Problematic Customers

Speaking and Listening


Critical Thinking

Presentation Skills


Problem Solving

Toronto Campus

Entry Level

Placement at Level 7
(Successful Completion of Level 6)


  • 8 weeks

Start Date

Official Starting Date

Program Options

Intensive 28 lessons/week

Introduction to Customer Care

Customer care success, customer care businesses and jobs, surprising facts about customer care. Skills and qualities for good customer care. Making suggestions.

Face 2 Face with Customers

Body Language, a company’s visit, meeting do’s and don’ts, at a trade fair, the invisible customer. Basic socializing language, the importance of small talk, follow-ups, steps for winning customers in your presentations.

Dealing with Customers on the Phone

General telephoning, the “Customer care” phone call, what customers really hear. Being courteous on the phone, making sure you understand, making arrangements. Telephone conversations in different contexts.

Cell Centre Success

Taking an order, hotline (troubleshooting), customer-centered call centers. The first impression, clarifying and explaining, checking comprehension.

Delivering Customer Care through Writing

Effective letters and emails, formal and informal writing styles, the 5 C’s of customer care writing, a case study. Salutations and closes, standard phrases for handling customers (connecting with the reader, taking action, etc.) Enclosures and attachments

Dealing with Problems and Complaints

Complaint strategies and policies, the letter of apology, explaining company policies, opinions about complaints and apologies. Softening bad news and apologizing. Problem-solving steps.


Role-play in different situations, environments, contexts with different companies, people and devices. Students will use different scenarios to deal with customer care.

Phrases, Vocabulary & Presentations

Vocabulary and phrases building, presentations in different roles of customer care, review and field trip.

  •   Restaurant
  •   Hotel
  •   Front desk
  •   Reception
  •   Tourism
  •   Call Center
  •   Any company dealing with customers

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