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Work & Study in Canada!

This program provides you with appropriate administrative and technological skills to meet the demands of today’s business world.

Acquire first-hand experience from expert professionals
Pertinent administrative and technological skills to meet the demands of today’s business environment
Progression to supervisory or office management positions possible with experience
Networking partners for co-op placements
Ongoing supports on job ready skills and job placement
Opportunity to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications

Customer Service Principles

Microsoft Office Specialist

Workplace Fundamentals

Business Communication

Real Work Experience

Financial Concepts

Toronto Campus

Credential Upon Graduation

Ontario College Certificate / Diploma

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of UMC ESL Level 10 or IELTS 5.0
  • High School Diploma evaluated by WES / PLAR or Wonderlic Test

Start Date

2024:January 2nd, April 22nd, July 15th, October 7th

Program Options

Option 1: Administrative Office Assistant Certificate
  • Academic Study: 25 weeks (Total 480 hours)
  • Total Length: 29 weeks (Includes Study Break)
Option 2: Administrative Office Assistant Co-op Diploma
  • Academic Study: 24 weeks (Total 480 hours)
  • CO-OP Duration: 24 weeks (Total 480 hours
  • Total Length: 56 weeks (Includes Study Break)
In this program, you will have opportunities to obtain below certificates.
Microsoft Office Specialist:
Microsoft Office Specialist:
PowerPoint Associate
Microsoft Office Specialist:
Excel Associate
Microsoft Office Specialist:
Word associate

Business Communication

This course will provide students with a solid foundation in grammar and mechanics in reading, writing, listening and speaking. The course will focus on cultural diversity, ethics, non-verbal communication and technology in how they impact today’s business communications.

Keyboarding Arsenal of Skills

In this course, students will focus on developing typing skills and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the home row. The students will focus on lab and computer-based training modules to develop their basic typing speeds and accuracy.

Business Documents For the Workplace

This course will provide students with an opportunity to create a variety of business communications including business correspondences, Human Resource letters, resumes and business presentations aimed at increasing sales.

Word Processing Essentials

In this course, students will become proficient in using word-processing software. In addition, students will be skilled at features such as find and replace, styles and templates. Students will also use advanced formatting and paragraph formatting including inserting and creating tables, graphics.

Business Presentations

In this course, students will become proficient in creating business presentations. In addition, students will be able to create notes for each slide and print speakers’ notes to assist in delivering the presentation. Finally, students will be able to apply templates and transition to enhance presentation delivery.

Computer Fundamentals

In this course, students will focus on computing and discover the different types of comput- ers including mobile devices used in today’s organizations. Students will also learn about a variety of software for productivity, education and entertainment as well as ways to manage and organize file storage such as documents, pictures and music. Finally, students will understand how to navigate the internet and use search engines in business research.

Spreadsheets Dynamics

In this course, students will be become proficient in creating spreadsheets. In addition, students will be able to create formulas using keyboard, built-in functions and apply nesting functions. Advanced formulas such as 3D references will be learnt as well as naming ranges and working with tables. Students will be able to validate data using auditing tools, what-if analysis. Finally, students will be able to work with large or multiple workbooks to consolidate or link data.

Financial Concepts For Office Administrators

In this course, students will become familiar with the process of capturing, recording, preparing and reading financial statements. Students will understand professional organizations that play an important role in preparing and communicating financial information. The course will end with a comprehensive project that requires the student to demonstrate their understanding in completing a full set of books and creating financial statements and communicating them accordingly.

Customer Service Principles

In this course, students will explore the Seven Keys to delivering Great Customer Service:

  • Key 1 – The Right Attitude
  • Key 2 – Understand the Customers’ Needs
  • Key 3 – Communicate Clearly
  • Key 4 – Reach Agreement
  • Key 5 – Check Understanding
  • Key 6 – Take Action
  • Key 7 – Build-On Satisfaction
  • Administrative Office Clerk ($19.30/per hour)
  • Aircraft Records Clerk  ($19.45/per hour)
  • File and Classification Clerk ($19.45/per hour)
  • Filing Clerk  ($19.45/per hour)
  • General Office Worker ($20/per hour)
  • Medical Records Clerk ($21.03/per hour)
  • Office Assistant ($20.01/per hour)
  • Office Clerk  ($19.45/per hour)
  • Records Filing-System Clerk  ($20.78/per hour)
  • Technical Records Clerk  ($19.45/per hour)
  • Ward Clerk-Hospital  ($20.79/per hour)
  • Warranty Clerk  ($20.79/per hour)

Students that successfully complete all required program materials will benefit from a paid/unpaid field placement for practical experience. Although the school will provide you with such a placement, we encourage students to assist in identifying placement opportunities in fields or locations of specific interest. Students may need to participate in field placements that are within a reasonable distance to the College. Travel costs are the responsibility of the student. The College has partnered with several businesses throughout the Great Toronto Area to have a variety of settings available for our students to complete their placements.

Resume Clinics
Mock Job Interviews
Canadian Workplace Culture
Career Development Workshop
Networking Events & Job Fairs
Ongoing Placement Support
  • Technology-at Your Service (McGraw Hill- ISBN: 13: 9780073516875)
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  • Professional Approach 2007 WORD Lessons 1-19
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 Professional Approach Lessons 1-17 (McGraw Hill- ISBN:13: 978-0073519210)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Quick Steps Lessons 1-10 (McGraw Hill- ISBN: 10 : 0072263709)
  • SuperService: Seven Keys to Delivering Great Customer Service Lessons 1-17 (McGraw Hill-ISBN: 978-0-07-162769-6)
  • College English and Business Communications: Tenth Edition Chapters 1-11 (McGraw Hill Higher Education- ISBN-10 : 0073397121)
  • Student Activity Book to accompany College English and Business Communications 
  • College English and Business (Mcgraw Hill Higher Education- ISBN: 10 : 1260287130)
  • Communications: Tenth Edition Chapters 12-20 (McGraw Hill Higher Education- ISBN-10 : 0073397121)
  • Student Activity Book to accompany College English and Business Communications (Mcgraw Hill Higher Education- ISBN:
    10 : 1260287130)
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting: The Basis for Business Decisions, 17th Edition Chapters 1-5 + Comprehensive (Mcgraw Hill Higher Education)

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