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An Essential ESL Program for Confident Debating

“In EPS course, I had a lot of opportunities to practice my speaking. I have learned proper grammar, pronunciation and words-selection through my teachers and classmates. Teachers are very detailed in correcting speaking mistakes. I feel that my English-speaking skills were dramatically improved compare to when I started this course.”

Yumi HasebeJapan

This program focuses on the idea of fluent communication and the use of forceful arguments in a debate setting, suggesting that the class will help students improve their overall communication skills and ability to present persuasive arguments.

In-house Debates
Trendy and current topics and material
Guest speakers/Field Trips
Weekly Presentations

Speaking and Listening


Research Skills

Presentation Skills


Critical Thinking

Toronto Campus

Entry Level

Placement at Level 7

(Successful Completion of Level 6)


8 weeks

Start Date

Official Starting Date

Program Options

  • Intensive (28 lessons/week)
  • Super Intensive (32 lessons/week)

Essential Communication

This class is designed to introduce students to the foundation of debate communications, strategies and techniques. This class also incorporates appropriate language and different communicational styles.

Formal and Informal Debating Skills

Students will learn different debating skills and techniques in both formal and informal settings and in both academic and professional settings.

Speaking and Listening Skills

This class provides students with the proper usage of pronunciation, stress patterns and intonation styles to enhance their speaking and listening skills as well appropriate conversational strategies.

Week 1: Debate Introduction
Week 2: Education
Week 3: Politics
Week 4: Religion
Week 5: Technology
Week 6: Social Justice
Week 7: Formal VS Informal
Week 8: International Taboos

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